Always and forever

So you’ve promised to be there for each other for ever and ever and you’ve got it all on film to prove it. Now it’s time to make sure you’ve got those memories all backed up so you can enjoy them until you’re old and grey and there are three main ways in which I’d recommend to do so.

Download your films to your devices

Your vid flow link is valid for ten years but after the first year it will be compressed and although you’ll still be able to watch it in all it’s glory, you won’t be able to download it at such great quality. Make sure to download it before that year is up and you can see how to in the images below:

Open the gallery on your computer and click on the Downloads button in the top right corner
The dialog with download options is displayed. Click on the download button and choose the 'Original' option.
On mobile devices scroll up to the menu button and click download for a mobile friendly version.

Back up to an online cloud service

As most of us take thousands of photos on our phones and never print them, it’s likely you’re already using a cloud service or you’re at least aware of them. There’s tons to choose from including iCloud, dropbox, Google Drive, Sync, Backblaze etc. and they all offer different packages at often pretty cheap rates. Google Drive at the moment offers 15GB free, you just need to sign up for a Google email address if you don’t have one already. 

Back up to a hard copy

Drag and drop your films onto a USB, hard drive, CD etc. and keep them somewhere safe. There’s a lot of drawbacks to these devices in that they can be lost or damaged and that they’re slowly disappearing from existence but I still think they’re worth having just in case. 

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