I love a wedding. Well who doesn’t hey? 

There’s nothing better than attending a wedding as a guest. Picking out the perfect outfit, greeting friends and family you’ve not seen for a while, the ‘what will the dress be like?’ excitement, swallowing down tears through the ‘I do’s’ and then cracking on with the party from the moment the confetti is thrown. It’s the best. 

But your own wedding is a whole other ball game. From the moment my husband got down on one knee, I was in wedding planning heaven. Everyone knows that all that really matters on the big day is that two people are able to share their love with their nearest and dearest and take a moment to express their commitment to each other. For me though and for most of us, planning a day perfect for us, meant a big deal to me and when the 17th July 2016 rolled around our dream day finally came together and it really was perfect. I will always be eternally grateful for our videographer for capturing my expression when the dress was on and the reality set in that it was really happening. Walking down the aisle at the gorgeous Sopley Mill in Hampshire, is a feeling I will never forget and a high that I stayed on through all of our celebrations that day. 

Having my own wedding sparked a journey that would lead me to leave my teaching career to turn my hobby of filming weddings into my very own business and since then it has grown and grown and I feel extremely lucky to have been a part of so many wonderful weddings in beautiful venues across Dorset, Hampshire, London and beyond. For me, filming a wedding is not just about pushing record, it’s about capturing those moments that are really important to you as a couple so that you’ll be able to relive them for years to come.

When I’m not at a wedding, editing takes place in our home office which has become just a little bit busier since my husband Jamie and I welcomed our beautiful daughter Darcy into the world in 2020. Jamie is a magician so we’re often found working late into the evenings with ‘wedmin.’

Photo by Chloe Palmer Photography
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