Wedding videography and how you can help

I have a very natural style of videography and for most of the day I blend in. I’ve filmed lots of weddings so I’m good at anticipating key events in the day and capturing reactions to them. It’s important I film the parts of the day as they happen, unlike photography you can’t stage moments in your video otherwise they’ll appear unnatural and posed. These are a few things that you can do on the day to help me make your wedding video great. These are not to worry you and if you forget them on the day it’s not a problem, I have the experience to react to changes in schedule and will adapt around you whatever happens. 

In the morning

I will arrive in plenty of time to film you and your bridal party getting ready. It’s great if you can save some of the fun bits until I arrive such as popping the champagne, if you’ve got a couple of bottles ready then there’s nothing stopping you opening one before I arrive but don’t forget to drink lots of water too! If you’re planning to swap presents with your other half, parents, bridesmaids etc then that’s a lovely moment to film so make sure I’m in the room when you open them. If you’ve written letters to each other and you’re feeling brave it would be really special to hear you read them aloud but I won’t ask you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. 

I need at least 15 minutes to set up cameras for the ceremony and mic up the groom so I’ll need to leave the bridal room in plenty of time. With that in mind if you’d like me to film you getting into your dress (this is often where the emotion kicks in!) and your Dad seeing you for the first time, then please make sure you’re all ready to put your dress on with plenty of time before the ceremony. Once you’re all dressed you can have a moment to breathe before the ‘I dos’. 

Couple shots

Once your photographer has gone through your group shots they’ll want to take you off on your own at some point in the day. Your video won’t be complete without some footage of just the two of you so when you go for your couple photos please make sure that I’m there too so I can tag along. I won’t get in the way of the photographer and I’ve never had an issues with them not wanting me to come but if that was the case I’ll just need a little bit of your time with you on your own. It’s much better if we can go together though as this means you are away from your guests for less time. 

The speeches

Everyone speaking will need to have a mic in their pocket which won’t affect their voice in any way it’s just a recorder, if you get a chance to warn them of this so it’s not a surprise on the day that would be great. I need time to set up my cameras out of the way of the guests’ view but in a good shot of the speakers, so if for any reason you change the time of the speeches during the day please let me know so that I don’t miss them. 

Big surprises

If you’ve got any surprises planned for the day (it’s worth showing this to your partner if you’re the only one reading it, just in case!) please do let me know in advance. I’m used to things happening with no warning and that’s how all the funny and unexpected shots are captured, but if you’ve got some fantastic singing waiters or a flash dance planned then I’ll be more prepared to capture it at it’s best if you let me know before hand. 

The first dance

Your first dance together is often the most dreaded part of the day as many of us (including myself!) hate dancing in front of a crowd of people. That being said, most couples have relaxed by that time of day and it turns out to be a lot more fun that you’d first expected. Choreographed dances that you’ve spent weeks rehearsing are amazing but I imagine you’ve more than likely put very little thought into the dance and just want to get it over and done with. My advice is to take in the moment, have a laugh at your goofy dancing and give each other a twirl even if it does end up with you tripping over each other’s feet, it will make for a really cute moment on film rather than just the two of you swaying nervously and once you’ve danced for a minute or so encourage your guests to come and save you! 


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